Terms & Conditions

  1. Virtually GLOBAL™ is the provision of consulting services by Global Philanthropic Inc. Senior Consultants to non-profit clients using technology as a means of conveyance.
  2. Clients interested in Virtually GLOBAL™ consulting services scan the list of available Consultants and their corresponding skillsets. Clients select the Consultant with whom they wish to work, the time block and proceed to check out.
  3. Time blocks are purchased in advance via credit card or PayPal. Free 30-minute consulting sessions are limited to one per organization.
  4. Time blocks are valid for specified time periods as detailed on the FAQ page.
  5. Unused portions of the time block will expire upon the expiry date. Extensions will only be granted upon the express written consent of Global Philanthropic Inc.
  6. Purchased time blocks are non-refundable.
  7. Once purchased, and upon receipt of the Client Intake Form, the Client will be connected to the Consultant within two business days. The Consultant will provide 30 minutes of free consultation to determine the needs of the Client and the desired outcomes.
  8. The Client and the Consultant will determine how the engagement will proceed i.e. via video conference, telephone, email, etc.
  9. After the conclusion of the 30-minute free consultation, the Client will  either proceed with the Consultant for the full time block OR choose a different Consultant. If the Client chooses a new Consultant, the new Consultant will begin the time block consultation immediately, without a complimentary consultation.  The Client may choose a different Consultant only once during the time block engagement and only before the time block commences.
  10. At the end of the engagement, the client will receive an evaluation form and a discount code.
  11. Discount codes are valid for the purchase of your second Virtually GLOBAL™ time block. They are not valid for consulting engagements of longer than two days with Global Philanthropic Inc.