Unsure about hiring a consultant?

After 31 years as a fundraiser, Hilborn Charity eNews Editor Ann Rosenfield is engaging consultants more than ever. "A huge advantage to talking with a consultant is that they are in touch with sector leaders across the country," says Ann. "So they are right on the cutting edge of trends as well as able to share emerging practices." Read more in her Pro tip: You need a consultant, maybe two.

Fundraisers are learning, growing and finding success.  Here's what you're telling us:

  • "The Fundraising Planning Tool Primer allowed me to compare last year's actuals and create a realistic goal. I have many projects to complete, but the layout allowed me to look at what is most important and where I need to build to achieve my goal. Jon (Brandt) really helped me focus and set achievable goals."
    - Pamela Deveaux, Yellow Brick House, Richmond Hill, ON

  • "It is us who should be thanking you! We have been developing our new business approaches and streamlining our prospect pipeline. This will really enable us to be smart and targeted in our approaches."
                         - Lizzi Hollis, Richard House Children's Hospice, London, UK
  • "Global Philanthropic Canada has inspired me to reach further and to be better at what I do! They make philanthropy tangible!"

    Chris Visser, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC

  • "As a NFP leader during the trying times of COVID, both Elaine (Lalonde) and Peter (McKinley) provided invaluable sound strategic advice and direction to form the foundation for a strong fundraising plan for our organization." 

- Colleen Fitzpatrick, Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, BC

  • "JD's (John Davies') wise words propelled me to speak to a major supporter and he made a significant gift that same day. Never take the opportunity to give away from a donor, because you think it might be the wrong time." 

- Heather Strickey, King's-Edgehill School, Windsor NS

  • "Knowledgeable, insightful and relevant!"

- Jenny Lam, Board Director, Carefirst Foundation, Scarborough ON

  • "Global Philanthropic knows about fund development." 

- Chris W. Carson, CARFAC Alberta

  • "My session with Richard (Walker) was very educational. I learned more about qualifying and tracking donor prospects and how to make a spreadsheet work for you in a dynamic and more meaningful way."

- Susan Stevenson, Belfry Theatre, Victoria BC

  • "I would like to thank Global Philanthropic for reaching out and providing this service to non profit organizations. Every little bit of knowledge, information and tip sharing is greatly appreciated."

- Annette Eckel, G.R.I.T. Calgary Society

  • "John Davies demonstrated his passion, dedication and drive for successful fundraising. He went above and beyond to help us learn from his experience!" 

- Morgan Brannon, United Way, Southern Interior BC

  • "Thank you for the opportunity to learn a whole new-to-me fundraising tool within a 30-minute convenient and insightful conversation."

- Kristy Vassell, Advancement Manager, Family Centre, Lethbridge AB