• Do I have to work with a Consultant in my area/province?

    • No! That’s the beauty of Virtually GLOBAL™.  Access any of our available Consultants based on their skill sets and areas of expertise. All Consultants understand the Canadian charitable sector.

      • How do I learn more about the Consultants?
      • Can I switch Consultants?
        • Yes, once. After your complimentary introduction with your chosen Consultant, either proceed with the engagement or switch Consultants and begin work right away. But you can only make the switch once.

      • What if the Consultant I want to work with is unavailable?
        • As current projects progress, the availability of individual Consultants will change. If you are really keen to work with a specific Consultant who is currently sold out, contact our Administration Manager, Jill Cross (j.c@globalphilanthropic.ca)  and she’ll help make that connection.


        • How many free 30-minute blocks can I book?
          • Maximum 2 per organization, so 1 hour total of complimentary consulting.  This time-limited offer is subject to availability, and we want to be able to help as many organizations as possible.

        • What are the options for purchasing time blocks?

          • Purchase consulting blocks in 3-hour, 1-day (7 hours) or 2-day blocks. Each time block includes a complimentary 30-minute consultation to assess your needs and desired outcomes.

        • Do time blocks expire?

          • 3-hour and 1-day blocks expire 30 days after the date of the complimentary consultation. 2-day blocks expire after 60 days.

        • Do I have to use 1-day and 2-day blocks all at once?

          • You can split it up any way it makes sense to you.  You and your Consultant will agree on the schedule together. Minimum session length is one hour.

        • How do I pay for a time block?

          • Time blocks are purchased in advance. We accept credit cards and PayPal payments.

        • Can I purchase more than one time block?
          • Of course! We welcome repeat engagements.  And to thank you for your loyalty, we’ll give you a discount off your second time block.


          • How will I work with the Consultant?
            • You and the Consultant will decide what works best for you i.e. telephone, Skype, or some other method. You choose.

          • When will we work together?

            • On a mutually-agreeable schedule, keeping in mind regional time differences.

          • What happens at the end of the time block?

            • You will be asked for your feedback and you’ll receive a discount code for your next time block purchase in the Virtually GLOBAL™ program.

          • Why should I choose Virtually GLOBAL™?
            • Because it’s the easiest way to access strategic advice how and when you need it, at a cost that fits your budget.

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